It’s All About Who You Know……crm 2.0

However, these types of activities are only one side of social networks, and as many successful businesses have come to realise, online social networks can be the hubs for the application of far more effective business practices than in the past, including marketing. At the heart of this is the fact that business is a social activity, and those involved in business are social animals, seeking to belong to communities of interest and practice, as well as geographic communities. We see examples of this traditionally in industry bodies, chambers of commerce, and trade organisations but now, with social networks, the customers can join too.

It is a given that it is far easier to do business with people you like, as friendships mean that a relationship of trust can be built and sustained. This applies equally to customers and suppliers, and underlines the importance of CRM 2.0. Nurturing relationships with those with whom you do business has always been vitally important, and now social networks offer the tools to do this more efficiently online.

Those groups of people (your potential customers) in social networks may well share photos and videos, but they also make recommendations for products and brands, where to eat, shop, stay, as well as sharing contacts. A social network can be a honeypot for finding not just customers, but also contacts who may help you run your business more efficiently, provide services you need, or expand your product range.

However, the downside of this word of mouth/mouse activity is that it can also generate the type of negative criticism of a business which can spiral into a fall in sales or brand reputation very quickly, and hence the behaviour of your business within this space must be exemplary, and any negative ‘chatter’ needs to be monitored and reacted to .
There are many aspects of social networking that a business can harness to grow its’ community of contacts and customers, and to develop strong relationships with its customers. This is the new form of Customer Relationship Management, where Conversations, Relationships and Meetings are more important than the old school ways of CRM 1.0 ? such as maintaining a customer database, dealing with complaints efficiently, sending a Christmas card, etc.

The most successful businesses using the social networking space are those creating communities. The members of those communities are loyal and often vociferous in their support of a brand or product they endorse, and can become an efficient sales and marketing force if encouraged. Try finding someone in Innocent’s community of Smoothie lovers who has a bad word to say about the product or company……

Metcalfe’s Law states that the power of the network is the square of the number of its members. In other words, the more people you know, the stronger is your network. So, the most vital point about social networks comes from that age old adage: it is not what you know but who you know, and the more people you know and have relationships with, the better.

Why Should One Use Search Engine Optimization?

Imagine, there are two people one is Mark, and another is John. Both are dealing into virtual world and offer their products to Web surfers. They also share common aims of selling a great number of products and making a large number of customers.

Mark has invested his money in Adwords and depends entirely on it to get sales leads. He has invested $15 and gets just a single sale, which compelled him to go out and work for some else. In this scenario, Mark has to create good work for others and help them to earn more. Now come to another situation.

John owns an online business. He checks out his business status everyday to ensure its improvements. One day, he finds out that he has been spending $399 in Adwords and receiving 5 sales in response to it. But, he is not satisfied and has been looking out for a solution that might increase his sales further.

Now, imagine your company?s online presence and estimate the number of sales it produces so far. Are you satisfied or do you want a solution to improve the situation? If your answer is affirmative, looking out for the search engine optimization services could be the possible solution for improving the presence in online marketplace. Hiring the expertise of a dedicated team of SEO would help you in formulating right strategies to gain the top positions in the online world. They will decide the proper methodologies and tactics to generate more traffic and better results. Apart from Adwords management, SEOs deal in many other ways that can improve the ranking and rating of your website and web pages.

Professional SEO Services in India

India has developed a competitive service market place to address the emerging challenges of the online businesses. Avail the advanced SEO services in India to get an upper hand over your competitors and taste the fruits of success.

Uae Seo Services ? Importance Of Link Architecture

SEO needs to make website totally optimized for getting website to be ranked for any keywords. Sometime Only one point can affect your website ranking for any keywords. From Web designing to offsite optimization, every point is to be considered important. But Can Link Architecture would affect your website performance? Answer is YES.

Link architecture is also one of important points in terms of optimization. Google and other search engines can index your website?s page with link architecture. Link architecture for internal pages as well as for external pages should be simple. Sometime webmaster thinks that search option for users is more usefull then link architecture. But search engine Bot can not type anything and then would index your pages. Link architecture is the best for distribution of google juice to whole website.

But what is Google Juice?

Internet is web. In this web there are lots of websites even for single topic. In SEO, for getting rank of your website, for any keywords, there is need to connect one website to other websites. Connectivity of website to other websites are done with anchor tag. When websites are connected with other websites, then a integer value pass from one website to other websites with this anchor tag. This vale is called Google juice. But How the value is considered to be passed for any websites? Value for Google juice is dependent on the importance of that page for that website, number of outgoing on webpage and text value used in anchor tag.

In Good link architecture, maximum Google value is passed from home page to other pages. For deep link level, value from one page to other pages would also pass in low value. So this is good not to have deeper link level in website. Good Link architecture is also important for indexing pages. Simple and indexble link architecture, allow search engines to crawl web pages. For attractive website, made in flash, we can use swfobject and javascript to crawl web pages. In good link architecture, simple text with anchor tag is best example. This can easily allow search engines to crawl pages. Link architecture should designed as such that user may not stuck in any web page. For making link architecture, a web designer should see web pages link from point of view.

In any website there may be lots of web pages. For any webmaster this would be more difficult to know what pages are indexed or not? Google webmaster tools allow to webmaster to know internal pages that are crawled as well as external pages that belong to your website. If your website has more external links pointing to your website, this means that your website has lots of vote to your website. More good links pointing to your website would help to boost your website. Good links have good quality and number of links also.

In SEO, every point is important, it is other matter some have less then other. But all points are important for getting good ranking. For any seo companies like Dubai seo companies, these little points make them a good seo company. Moreover link architecture is also important in email marketing.

Seo Explained – Bring Traffic To Your Site

Increasing traffic website and revenues have always been the aim of all internet marketing strategies. At the end of the day, you create a site so that people can visit it and you can get the desired result. You can do this by selling a product or a service and this could be your own or to another company. But if there is no traffic then there will be no sales, which represents profits. When we say traffic, it is not just about anyone on the Internet visit, but a targeted traffic, which consists of visitors who will buy or use your product services.

There is, of course, many ways or methods to bring traffic to your site, but we plan to go only to those who have proven to be successful. In all, you can use three Internet marketing strategies to get targeted traffic to your site and they are:

Pay-Per-Click/PPC: This is a perfect plan, if you have a marketing budget or advertising. Pay-per-click campaigns offered by Google or Yahoo does not need to spend too much money, but everything depends on how effectively are able to choose keywords right for your advertisement. In a pay-per-click campaign, you must create an ad, which is relevant to your product or service and place a bid on keywords you select. So, the main concern is the keyword. You should do some research to find keywords and, also, the right to understand how each keyword is associated with your product or service offering and how they can actually drive traffic. If you have a site selling travel tours, you can use keywords such as hiking and trekking, honeymoon packages. If a visitor wants a tour and travel company sees your advertisement with the right keywords, then surely he will click on it and will have to pay for each click.

Construction links: The second method of effectively bringing traffic to your site is through link building. Link popularity strategies can be paid and, also, for free. The method of payment, will need to either pay a membership fee for the submission of your site link to more directories, and eZines. It could be costly if you are approaching too many sellers. To cut down cost should be closer eZines only those who have a page above and where there are more than 500 visitors per day or more than 500 members. Free connection method, on the other hand, requires a lot of hard word and you will have to find. Again, remember, not just go around your site link put in just about any director. Relevance is important approach, therefore, only those directories or eZines, which have your product or service, as one of their sections. There are many eZines where you can even send optimized articles link your free. These eZines probably have thousands of such articles, but it will help long-term vision to create.

Organic Search Engine Optimization: The third and one of the most effective methods of increasing web traffic is organic or search engine optimization for search engines. Organic SEO is basically a method by which you can optimize your web pages so you can start with a decent ranking by search engines, then how you work. As a rank growth, so no web traffic. This is a long process but quite effective. Your site search can be optimized only when you use a strong and relevant content on your site web. The contents should not be as attractive, but will also be informative and keyword rich. If you are selling a service and then provide as much information as possible without making the page too long. Again, try to keep content within 500-700 words on a page. Any more than that, people will begin to lose interest. Nobody really have time to read so much. People came to your site to find a solution and, therefore, should focus more on providing navigation solution through good, high oil content and information.

Once you have applied the three methods, your work does not end. You too, need to monitor your site, if traffic is obtaining relevant site or not. There are times when you could get only 40% of the relevant traffic and 60% are visitors who come to your site out of curiosity or accident. You may have a form on your site, visitors can fill, so you get to understand their psychology.

Make one yourself or hire a SEO Services Company?

Web optimization techniques are quite complicated, but anyone dedicated and capable and willing to invest time to learn it can reach a certain level of expertise. Some keywords competitive will require professional help. If your site is a business and your budget allows you to do this, it is suggested you hire a professional SEO expert as doing it will be extremely time consuming and may even lead to noticeable results.