Uae Seo Services ? Importance Of Link Architecture

SEO needs to make website totally optimized for getting website to be ranked for any keywords. Sometime Only one point can affect your website ranking for any keywords. From Web designing to offsite optimization, every point is to be considered important. But Can Link Architecture would affect your website performance? Answer is YES.

Link architecture is also one of important points in terms of optimization. Google and other search engines can index your website?s page with link architecture. Link architecture for internal pages as well as for external pages should be simple. Sometime webmaster thinks that search option for users is more usefull then link architecture. But search engine Bot can not type anything and then would index your pages. Link architecture is the best for distribution of google juice to whole website.

But what is Google Juice?

Internet is web. In this web there are lots of websites even for single topic. In SEO, for getting rank of your website, for any keywords, there is need to connect one website to other websites. Connectivity of website to other websites are done with anchor tag. When websites are connected with other websites, then a integer value pass from one website to other websites with this anchor tag. This vale is called Google juice. But How the value is considered to be passed for any websites? Value for Google juice is dependent on the importance of that page for that website, number of outgoing on webpage and text value used in anchor tag.

In Good link architecture, maximum Google value is passed from home page to other pages. For deep link level, value from one page to other pages would also pass in low value. So this is good not to have deeper link level in website. Good Link architecture is also important for indexing pages. Simple and indexble link architecture, allow search engines to crawl web pages. For attractive website, made in flash, we can use swfobject and javascript to crawl web pages. In good link architecture, simple text with anchor tag is best example. This can easily allow search engines to crawl pages. Link architecture should designed as such that user may not stuck in any web page. For making link architecture, a web designer should see web pages link from point of view.

In any website there may be lots of web pages. For any webmaster this would be more difficult to know what pages are indexed or not? Google webmaster tools allow to webmaster to know internal pages that are crawled as well as external pages that belong to your website. If your website has more external links pointing to your website, this means that your website has lots of vote to your website. More good links pointing to your website would help to boost your website. Good links have good quality and number of links also.

In SEO, every point is important, it is other matter some have less then other. But all points are important for getting good ranking. For any seo companies like Dubai seo companies, these little points make them a good seo company. Moreover link architecture is also important in email marketing.